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💞Tunde-World' all services are back to in person from 15th December 2021.💞 Until please read all updated information with clicking on here - Term5 in 2021 and Term1 in 2022.
Christmas Party 
, Welcome everyone on 18th December
The Private session is available during summer holiday. For booking click here

Current Weekly programs:

  • on Mondays, at 9:00am we practice Tai chi and
  • on Saturdays, at 8:00am we practice Qigong

Booking Streamed live Zoom details will be sent upon registration.

Virtual programs are available to practice Tai Chi and Qigong without any time limitation. Click here to choose yours.
MORE programs runs.
To check all variation of Tunde-World' programs, like distance healing and Healing Practice Nights.

Stay safe and we will be in touch soon.
Lots of love, Tunde 💕

IMPORTANT! New participation Bookings are essential your first session to calculate how many practitioners should attend to the class to follow the Covid19 rules. Please do not forget it. Thank you. Please read all rules before your attending to any session with click here


All classes are open to all ages and levels of experience. All welcome to learn and practice TAI CHI and QIGONG in friendly group at Tunde-world or in mobile PRIVATE one-on-one lessons to suit you at a time and your location. Authentic forms taught by experienced and qualified instructor Tunde.
Tunde strongly believe that each individual is unique and as such, our Tai Chi and Qigong fitness program is always uniquely customized based on each individual needs. Tunde' Tai chi and Qigong fitness programs help to prevent or eliminate injury and pain such as the knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, soreness and fatigue which is often due to poor postural habits and sedentary lifestyle. Tunde doesn't simply teach Tai Chi and Qigong. The teaching of Tai Chi is merely the stage we use to deliver an experience designed to entice clients to come back for more.

Come and experience with us how simple and enjoyable Tai Chi and Health Qigong can be! Feel the benefits in your everyday health and well-being by feeling energized and relaxed. Wear loose comfortable clothes and flat shoes suitable for exercise. Please come scent free in consideration for those with perfume allergies. It would be nice if you are at the class before 5-10 minutes than the session is starting. You have the time for have a chat with practitioners.

My best wishes for a beautiful Tai chi and Qigong journey, please give yourself time to find the pleasure of tai chi and enjoyment of health and wellness.

Check all programs - Tai chi, Qigong below and Meditation and Reiki on this page. Scroll down for Tai chi and Qigong schedule on this page.

I would like share some important information for you

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early to allow the event to run on time.
  • Please Print off and complete the Information Covid Safe Form and take it with you at the first time when you come to the class.
  • Fees Guidelines for 2021for Tai Chi / Qi Gong Sessions.
  • Use Viber for Group communication. Please download this application.
  • Please, if you changed your mind or come to another program for you, let me know and cancel your booking. Do not keep this spot yourself. Maybe other people cannot come as you hold this position. Important, only keep, booking your program if you are available to come. Respect each other. Thank you.
  • Tunde-World's Policy
  • Testimonials
  • What do you like to wear when practicing Tai Chi? For information please click here
  • Terms and Conditions, Cancellation Policy
  • Parking - Each venue has a very good parking place for everyone.

Tunde-World' face to face group sessions in 2021. First session can booking with click here







Castle Hill
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Tai chi Fan Face to face
Tuesday   Hornsby
Fernwood Gym
Tai chi  



booking for term1

St Ives
Booking on Council Events page

Tai chi booking link coming soon
Wednesday   Cherrybrook Tai chi  



West Pennant Hills Contact Tunde

Yi Jin Jing (Tendon-Muscle Strengthening Exercises) Face to face



Castle Hill
click here,

Yi Jin Jing (Tendon-Muscle Strengthening Exercises) face to face
Virtual program More programs are available Tai chi and 
for practice Tai chi and Qigong

Please observe the scenario below:

Anne registers and pays for a 10-weeks term of Tai chi. Anne has been on holidays and returns to start in the 3rd week of a 10-weeks term. Meaning, Anne has missed 2 sessions of a total of 10. Anne will, therefore, attend the remaining 8 sessions of Tai chi, but in addition, will participate in an additional 2 sessions of another program of her choosing during a different time slot and/or location to make up the total of 10 sessions. Anne can do this at another location across the Tunde-World or even in a different program is like Qigong. Anne has emailed the Tunde-world’ staff to confirm which make up sessions she will attend before doing so Tunde-World' staff have informed the instructor ahead of time. Terms and conditions: You agree to comply with the following terms and conditions. Note: these terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Find your classes, workshop of Tai chi, Qigong, Reiki, Forensic Healing and Meditation near to you at Tunde-World.

1. Please check the timetable information below to find regular Tai chi and Qigong classes in your area:

Terms in 2021

Term 1 from 01 February to 11 April (10 weeks)
Term 2 from 12 April to 20 June (10 weeks)
Term 3 from 21 June to 29 August (10 weeks)
Term 4 from 30 August   to 07 November (10 weeks)
Term 5 from 08 November to 19 December (6 weeks)

Your 2022 Calendar for all group training, opens on 17th January 2022.
Please find Terms below with dates:



Term 1

from 017  January to 10 April (10 weeks)

Term 2

from 11 April to 19 June (10 weeks)

Term 3

from 20 June to 28 August (10 weeks)

Term 4

from 29 August  to 6 November (10 weeks)

Term 5

from 7 November to 17 December (6 weeks)

Teaching programs:

  • Warm up routine
  • Includes Knee Activation, Kidney/Internal Organs Activation and some block opening Qigong movements.

Qigong routines (each terms is changes)

Tai Chi routines

Cool down routine - Calming Form, Collecting Energy, Self Body Massage, Releasing Blocked Energy with tapping the full body and drop all negative energy.

If you quire any class in your suburb please contact me via email. Why works Private session very well? Private, personal Sessions You can ask a quote for private group fee if you like to do it with you friend(s). Ask the quotation with contact Tunde.

Tunde-World a registered COVID SAFE business with a safety plan implemented to ensure the health and safety of my clients, community and my own family.