Tai chi, Qigong and Meditation Program at School

This program provide emphasizes a fun activity that do develop the children's coordination, concentration and agility while developing their mind and body. Practice Tai Chi /Qigong has an almost magical effect in health improvement. Kids love to learn and they learn very fast especially when engaged in a fun activity.

The program offered primary students an opportunity to exercise in a stimulating, fun and supportive environment.

This program teaches meditation, tai chi and health qigong. Each week children learn how to breathe with focus and how their breathing can assist them to find calmness. Deep breathing is used to transfer more oxygen to the brain allowing  higher sensory processing to focus, concentrate, interact and learn more easily - at home and at school.

Tai chi and health qigong for children are designed to be engaging as it provides simple movement and poses that both relax and strengthen the body whilst bringing calmness to the mind. Children will be able to remember these poses and movements as they are taught from a child’s perspective, giving the children a beautiful skill for them to connect with their mind and body in simple, gentle and enjoyable exercise.

How to Learn this program (tai Chi/ health qigong in meditation) for Kids?

Use the program as a way to share quality time with children that is healthy, relaxing and enjoyable. Utilize imagery and games to add appeal. Most importantly: frequently praise the kids; focus on the flow and principles of tai chi / qigong. Place less importance on the exactness.

This program was run in RIDBC Thomas Pattison School one session per week. This school focused on improving strategies to manage stress and increase wellbeing for both staff and students.

The principal of the school stated that this program was able to offer a whole school approach that was suitable for our school body.

Also, the Educational and Developmental Psychologist highly recommended me as a Tai Chi teacher in school programs. She also Emphasised that most students, including those with special needs related to academic or mental health issues would benefit from the mindfulness of the practice of Tai Chi.

It has found that kids really enjoy learning it. Teachers and parents have also found improvement in their children’s sport and academic studies after doing tai chi.

How teach this program for young children?

  • Focusing on keeping the flow.
  • Used the ball for practise Tai chi and Qigong. During the movements they study to relax, stretching
  • Young children are not apt to practice at home and like repetition. Instructor to start by repeating what she has done before.
  • Children like imaginations, use stories and imagery that appeal to them.
  • Do shorter sessions as young children have short attention span. After 5-10 minutes intermix with activities like games or stretching exercise that they can do comfortably.  Children usually feel comfortable when doing something they are familiar with.
  • As a general rule when children are getting disorganised or look like they have lost interest, the thing to do is to practice with them, keeping the flow. When they are doing something it is much easier to be in control.
  • Expect and encourage good behaviour.
  • Minimal correction. Avoid being too exact with the movement. Just bring in essential principles, e.g. show them and work with them using the posture. Use the imagery of standing upright, like a string but not being tense.
  • Often schools have group sports like football, that require organising and joining groups. Many children when they leave school live stop this group exercise. Whereas tai chi is not a group exercise and it can be done anywhere. So you can motivate the children to practice and enjoy the proficiency of what they can do, the nice feel of tai chi, so even if they stop after your lesson they could eventually come back. I met many people exposed to tai chi as a young child and many years later they pick it up again.
  • Be flexible, if something doesn’t work, try another approach. Children are dynamic and fun, teaching it their ways is more effective.

Please find attached these references with click here from principal and the school Psychologist.

I believe the Tundeworld program is an excellent opportunity for your school and I look forward to meeting you in person to discuss this further in how we can costumise it to your specific needs.

School holiday program is available. For more information please contact Tunde.

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