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DISTANCE HEALING and Mobile healing available from 1st June


ONLINE  Tai chi and Qigong . Visit page for all information

online taichi and qigogn

MEDITATION online  class booking with click here or Contact Tunde

Online Meditation are available. Booking your session contact Tunde or booking up the page with click on BOOKING ONLINE.
Staying calm during these times is the best support for your immune system (Stress down-regulates genes). Reiki healing may assist your brainwaves out of high-beta brainwaves (stress) and into theta brainwave where deep healing and sleep takes place. 
I look forward to continuing to support you and welcoming you.
Stay well and stay connected!  If you feel out your balance contact me for booking your distance healing.



******** 23/03/2020

NSW and Victoria government have moved to comprehensive shutdown of non-essential services. In light of this, I think we should reconsider our training/practice session at Tunde-World has stopped all face-to-face classes/tutorials as from tomorrow, 23/03/2020.

Online session are coming.
Practitioner will have a break until my next message as I am working on to upgrade software and computer equipment to make online teaching fully available.

THE DISTANCE HEALING   Distance Healing in this crazy time   is available. If you prefer to Skype or Zoom with consultations they are also available.

Training, Courses, Events:

1/ Come and enjoy the group Tai chi / QiGong experience for the powerful healing effects and also the social contact. Practice Tai chi and Qigong on online from 30/03/2020


2/ Learn, explore and develop the ancient healing art of Reiki in our group classes. All of our Reiki courses are certified and recognised by the Australian Reiki Connection. Tunde Takacs is a Master Teacher member of the Association of Reiki Professionals and Australian Reiki Connection.


3/ Distance Healing in this crazy time

distance healing

4/ Group and Personal Meditation Session. Meditations are deeply healing and provide an avenue to connect with your spiritual support team and promote a deep sense of peace and wellbeing.


Check the classes day, time and venue with click here