Christmas Gift Card

The best present for Christmas the Christmas Tai chi / Qigong Gift eCard. Give this Perfect prechristmas2017sent for your family and for your friend. This Christmas Gift card with huge discount is available for our all Health QiGong and Tai Chi classes or Private Sessions. (Click here for find out your class . You will have 25% discount on. 

Perfect Christmas Gift card for your friend / family. You can choose how many hours want to give.

Christmas Gift are Available:

For $25 / $50 / $?? your choose

  • General Group1:
    • Term (10 weeks) $135.00
    • 3 sessions $45.00
  • Seniors Group2 -
    • Term (10 weeks) $115.00
    • 3 sessions $50.00
  • You can choose NUMBER of the sessions

Buy a Christmas Gift for one session or more sessions with a huge discount! When you buy four or more sessions in single payment you will have 25% discount on price. If you buy 2 terms (20 weeks).

In our Health QiGong and Tai Chi classes, we not only learn the postures, philosophy and techniques but we also learn to look after and appreciate our bodies through the mindful movements of Qigong and Tai Chi, nurture our spirits, lift our energies, have some laughs and connect with each other. Tai Chi and QiGong are a fantastic form of gentle exercise that works your entire body.

Share this Perfect present with your family and with your friend. This Christmas Gift card available for all classes or Private Sessions of the Health QiGong and Tai Chi classes. (Click here for find out your class ) Please note no refund on this card.

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