Below some of our students have taken the time to share their thoughts and experiences with the Tunde-World program.  From injuries to chronic illness these people now enjoy happy, health lives through their Tai Chi and QiGong experience.

What people are saying about Tai Chi and QiGong program at Tunde-World? Let we see.

Chungliang Al Huang and the philosophy of the yin and the yang

Submitted by Tunde on Mon, 03/20/2017 - 00:28

Chungliang Al Huang is the founder & President of the Living Tao Foundation and author of numerous best-selling books, including the classic "Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain." Master Huang speaks about using the Tao philosophy of TaiJi and YinYang to embrace opposites and make a whole picture/life, and leads the audience through a number of TaiJi movements that incorporate key concepts and all parts of our lives. Master Huang paints five key Chinese characters and discusses the role of each in the dance of opposites. 

About Tunde

Tunde has always been involved with some form of exercise, keeping fit for good health - few type of dance, kungfu etc. Now Tunde feels she has found her 'Life's Goal' as Tunde is a qualified instructor of Health Qigong Qigong and Yang style Tai Chi since 2010, Therapist and Energetic Healer since 2004 .

Tunde is fulfilling her goal, having become an Instructor, teaching affordable classes in her local Communities and in Sydney face to face or on on-line.  

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Yi Jin Jing is an exercise derived from Dao Yin Qigong consisting of 12 movements that are performed in a standing position. It is simple to learn and suitable for people of all ages. It is the most renowned and popular of all the classic Chinese Qigong meditation exercises.
I would recommend anyone, who are interested in raising and improving their health and fitness level.

Heal and harmonise the body, mind and spirit with Reiki.

How does Reiki help your body to prevent or cure contagious diseases?

When disease-causing microorganisms attack certain parts of the body, reserve energy is channelled  to meet these attacks. But if the meridians are blocked, then the flow of reserve energy is hindered and illness results. When using Reiki you cleanse the meridians, harmonizing energy levels and promoting a smooth flow of reserve energy to the areas under attack, thus restoring the balance. Reiki increases our energy reserves, preventing any possible future outbreak of illness.

Welcome to Tundeworld

Welcome to Tunde-World, Sydney, Australia!

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